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      18 types of automatic full water static sterilization kettle

      pro description:


      New bracket designs make the top tank more stable (patented),

      Schematic Diagram of 3D design


      Main functions and features of the equipment

      l PLC program automatic control, Siemens 10 inch touch screen command input. (Copyright no. 2014SR217696)

      l Temperature and pressure data can be automatically recorded.

      l It can automatically identify the sterilization parameter table, realize the function of multi-stage sterilization and multi-stage cooling.

      l Double safety chain of electronics and machinery.

      l Electronic and mechanical dual overpressure protection.

      l Electronic hypertemperature automatic protection. Automatic pressure protection and pressure removal.

      l Alarm for abnormal temperature and remind in Chinese.

      l Alarm for abnormal pressure and remind in Chinese.

      l Alarm for abnormal action and remind in Chinese.

      l Automatic air hammer silencing.

      l Can edit, store a number of 100 food sterilization process.

      l Correction of electronic temperature deviation.

      l Intelligent calculation of the temperature and pressure relationship in the pot, do the temperature and pressure adjustment stepless, to ensure the quality of products.

      l Intelligent chemical temperature control, sterilization temperature control accuracy within ±0.3℃.

      l Temperature difference of each point in the pot (heat distribution) ±0.3℃

      l In the automatic operation, the manual/automatic free switch does not affect the normal operation.

      l The operating condition of the equipment can be judged and prompted intelligently during operation.

      l The sterilization F value is displayed in real time and recorded automatically.

      l The automatic locking and tripping system of the cart inside the pot facilitates the removal of the innermost cage frame. (Patent No. : ZL201520512911.2)

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      Choice Yirui

      1. Company was founded in 1999, focusing on machinery for 20 years.

      2. On-site factory directly docking customers, welcome to visit the factory.

      3. Company has the technical department, the engineering department, own has the research and development ability.

      4. Company real-time tracking equipment after-sales situation, service to customers.

      5. Equipment real material, prevent fraud.

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