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      juice production line

      pro description:


      YiRui is specialized in designing and manufacturing the whole line of fruit and vegetable processing and production equipment with daily processing capacity of 5~300 tons. The choice of better technology and the design, manufacturing and integration of cost-effective equipment are all tailored for you. Manufacturing quality equipment is our basic responsibility, focus on customer needs and provide optimized solutions and perfect after-sales service system is our value.

      Basic flow of equipment:

      Washing (washing machine) -- fruit inspection (fruit inspection machine) -- breaking (breaking machine) -- beating (pulping machine) -- juicer (juicer) -- filtering (filter) -- concentration (concentrator) -- dispensing (dispensing tank) -- sterilizing (sterilizing machine) -- aseptic storage (aseptic storage tank) -- aseptic filling -- product packaging


      Company strength

      [Yirui workshop]


      [Yirui team capacity]


      [Yirui case]


      Choice Yirui

      1. Company was founded in 1999, focusing on machinery for 20 years.

      2. On-site factory directly docking customers, welcome to visit the factory.

      3. Company has the technical department, the engineering department, own has the research and development ability.

      4. Company real-time tracking equipment after-sales situation, service to customers.

      5. Equipment real material, prevent fraud.

      Contact us

      • Phone: 13819729099
      • Tel: 0577-85857000
      • Fax: 0577-85857000
      • Email: 620107085@QQ.COM
      • Address: No. 678A, Between 8th road and 9th Road, Binhai Development Zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
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